Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Embracing Christianity

The missionaries were given a portion of the Evil Forest. I was afraid that they wouldn’t last there. I am greatly interested in the new religion they are preaching. But, the Evil Forest is the haunted place in every clan. How can they survive there? As time passed by, nothing bad happened to them. None at all! Everyone was puzzled. How can they survive in the Evil Forest? They won their converts by surviving the Evil Forest.
            Although I am attracted to the new faith, I dare not approach them personally. I fear for my father. I know that he will be very mad if he knew that his son is interested in Christianity. Whenever they preach in the open marketplace or the village playground, I was there though. I always made time to listen to their preaching. That was when I knew about church. My heart itched to go there, to be with them. But, I couldn't.

            More and more converted when the missionaries survived the twenty-eight days. They even had a woman! I become more confident on the new faith. Slowly after that, I socialized with the Christians. Never did I think that my cousin, Amikwu would saw me then. He told my father. When I returned, father asked me where am I from. I ignored him. I never did that before. Somehow, I think that he has no right to know.
            Furious, he gripped me by my neck and threatens to kill me if I don’t answer him. He even hit me! Even so, I did not answer him. Finally, he stopped when Uchendu scolded him. When he left, I knew that he has disowned me. Somehow, I was glad. I can embrace Christian. I decided to go to Umuofia to learn in the school. Someday, I’ll return to convert his mother, brothers and sisters. I believed that Christian is the best religion.

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