Monday, 3 September 2012

New Religion

The second year of our exile, Obierika visited us. He brought along the news of the wiping out of Abame by white men. I wonder why those white men come here. Are they too believed in the Oracle? They must be strong to wipe out the entire clan of Abame. Somehow, I was hoping to see them. I never thought that they would come to Mbanta. Their arrival in Mbanta was rather welcomed, considered what happened to Abame. We do not want to be wiped out like the other clan. I was thrilled about their arrival. Why wouldn’t I? When will be the next moment of my life would I see a man with different skin tone and language?
            I turned out not being alone. Everyone in the village seems interested to see the white man by their own eyes. They came at the right moment as the harvest was over. The white man came with four more Ibo man. He spoke through one of them as interpreter. He told us that he came to ask us to leave our religion as ours are the wrong one. Everyone thinks that they were crazy. However, I was somehow delighted to hear what he said. Something tells me that they said the right thing. The white man promised to let us ride the ‘iron horse’ when they live in Mbanta. I felt like jumping in joy when he said that. Perhaps, I could learn about that new religion they are saying about.
            They sang a song that tells a story of brothers who lived in darkness and fear. I was captivated by the song. Somehow, it answers the question about the killing of twins in their custom and also Ikemefuna. I was relieved when I heard the hymm. I do not understand Trinity but I would like to. Maybe, this religion makes more sense than the Oracle. Maybe, the missionaries were right. Maybe, just maybe, I belong there more than I belong to my father.

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